Kitchen Display System

Better Order Management Tech for Your Back of House

When orders are piling up quickly and everyone is rushing to keep pace, the kitchen can get chaotic. But every good chef knows the best kitchens are those that have mastered communication and timing. That’s where Kitchen Display EPOS software comes into play.

TouchBistro’s Kitchen Display System pairs perfectly with your existing kitchen printer to help improve your back-of-house operation. With our Kitchen Display System software in place, you’ll be able to see every ticket generated from any screen, giving you and your staff all the information you need at a glance.



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Fire Faster

Tickets appear instantly when sent from the EPOS with a loud, accompanying chime. With our Kitchen Order Display System, you’ll never miss another order in the chaos. Keep meals flowing through the queue and keep customers happy with fast service.

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Manage the Whole Kitchen

The Kitchen Display provides a consolidated view of all unprepared items across all open tickets. Whole individual tickets are colour-coded based on how long they’ve been open. This makes managing the kitchen far easier for the expo or head chef. You can see, at a glance, what is a priority.

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Measure and Improve Cook Timing

Cook times for individual items can be monitored on Kitchen Display Screens and reviewed by your expo or head chef to ensure the kitchen stays moving.

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Built by restaurant people for restaurant people, the TouchBistro Kitchen Display System streamlines order management. Here are some of the key benefits it offers:

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TouchBistro Kitchen Display System hardware works in tandem with kitchen impact printers
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Track individual item cook times
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View ticket history at any time from any kitchen screen
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View cross-ticket consolidation at any time
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Prioritise tickets easily with colour-coded statuses
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Customise the KDS display with bigger or smaller tickets, font-sizes, and appearance behaviour
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Easily reorder and spike tickets with simple drag and swipe gestures
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What kind of kitchen display system hardware do I need to run the TouchBistro KDS?
TouchBistro KDS can be run on any iPad that can run iOS 6. This includes the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and the iPad Pro 2015 or newer devices.
How much does the KDS cost?
Kitchen Display System pricing varies based on your existing TouchBistro EPOS licence. Talk to a Restaurant Success Specialist to learn more.
Should I use a kitchen printer alongside the KDS?
Yes. TouchBistro Kitchen Display System hardware augments the use of a printer but it is not meant to replace it. We recommend impact printers for stability and reliability.
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